June 16, 2021
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Food52 Provisions: Our Favorite Things (PHOTOS)

Pillivuyt Oval Eared Dish BundlePillivuyt Oval Eared Dish Bundle, $103 from Food52 Provisions Gratin season is coming, everyone.James Ransom

Regular Yarai Mixing GlassRegular Yarai Mixing Glass, $55 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

Special Edition Sfoglini Saffron MalloreddusSpecial Edition Sfoglini Saffron Malloreddus (2 pounds), $20 from Food52 Provisions Brought to you by the inventors of Everything Bagel Pasta.James Ransom

Spiced Royal Rose Syrup CollectionSpiced Royal Rose Syrup Collection, $34 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

Square Ice Cube Tray SetSquare Ice Cube Tray Set, $25 from Food52 Provisions Yes. These are the truth.James Ransom

Tall Weighted Boston ShakerTall Weighted Boston , $18 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

Vintage 1950s White Ice-O-Mat Ice CrusherVintage 1950s White Ice-O-Mat Ice Crusher, $48 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

Weck Juice Jar 1 Litre (Set of 6)Weck Juice Jar 1 Litre (Set of 6), $30 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

Wellfleet Oyster, Little Neck Clam, & Crab Knives + Leather WrapWellfleet Oyster, Little Neck Clam, & Crab Knives + Leather Wrap, $150 from Food52 ProvisionsJames Ransom

White Takumi ShoyuWhite Takumi Shoyu, $22 from Food52 Provisions White soy sauce! Need it.James Ransom

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