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One of the worst feelings is being both exhausted and unable to fall asleep. We’ve been there, and counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. However, listening to music before bed may be a better option, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It has a direct effect on your parasympathetic nervous system, and it has the power to slow your heart rate and breathing, lower your blood pressure, and even trigger your muscles to relax.



To isolate the best from the rest, we investigated and contrasted 30 sets of rest earphones with discover models that are not difficult to utilize, offer an agreeable yet breathable fit, and convey sufficient battery life to endure 8 hours of rest. We’ve scoured the web, perusing surveys from definitive distributions, alongside perusing a few client audits on Amazon for every one of these models and straightforwardly on maker’s sites.

After cautiously screening our picks — which incorporate both wired and remote earphones — we went through seven days testing them both all through bed. During the testing cycle, we decided whether the earphones were launderable, conveyed good sound quality, and were agreeable to wear. We likewise made note of their battery life and tried them to perceive that they were so natural to match to our cell phones and tablets.

Whether you want to cue up some classical music, an audiobook, rain sounds, or ASMR videos on YouTube for a better night’s rest, here are the 11 best sleep headphones that provide comfort and sound clarity that can hopefully help you finally get that much-needed sleep you deserve

.1-BEST OVERALLAcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless Headband Headphones$99.95SHOP NOW

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones are a remote pair of rest earphones settled in a very delicate headband. We went through a few evenings wearing them to bed and fell head over heels for them for their simple arrangement, locally available controls, solid match, and absence of wires. Additionally, they’re the most agreeable rest earphones you can purchase.

They come in three sizes, two fabric options, and five different colors. After measuring our noggin, we settled on a medium fleece model that came in gray. For those who run hot, there’s also a polyester and spandex option called “Breeze,” made from a more breathable fabric that’s not as thick and warm.

These rest earphones don’t verge on offering similar sound quality as customary earphones in their value range. However, they are incredibly agreeable for sleepers, all things considered, — side, back, stomach, and so on. They offer a cozy fit that doesn’t feel excessively close. In addition, we had the option to utilize them for three continuous evenings before they should have been re-energized.

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2A BUDGET BLUETOOTH PAIRJoseche Wireless Sleep Mask$29.99$22.99 (23% off)SHOP NOW

This pair of rest earphones permits clients to float off to stay in bed total haziness while paying attention to their number one mitigating sounds. It’s anything but a cell phone or tablet over Bluetooth, which means you will not need to complain with any irritating ropes that will disrupt everything.

The headset uses a Velcro strap for ensuring that you get a tight fit, without letting any light enter. Its rechargeable battery offers 9 hours of juice, plus there is even a microphone built-in for taking phone calls. 

We like that the eye veil is made of a breathable material that will not get excessively hot, and the texture is machine-launderable. It likewise has simple to-get to controls for changing volume and stopping the sound.

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3A SUPER SOFT AND COMFY HEADBANDEverPlus Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Headband

EverPlusamazon.comSHOP NOW

The EverPlus headband is a fully washable, super-soft pair of headphones that’ll help lull you to sleep. The headphones are lightweight and offer a stretchy fit with an inner mesh lining to help keep you cool. 

This pair includes an inherent battery-powered battery that keeps going as long as 10 hours, an amplifier in the event that you need to accept a call when you wear them outside, and a remote Bluetooth association so you don’t need to complain with links.

The headphones feature a control panel at their front for skipping tracks or adjusting volume. That way, you won’t get blinded by your smartphone’s display at night!


For when you need to briefly look at and move away from everything, this rest cover won’t just obstruct the light, it additionally includes two small speakers inside it for paying attention to music, digital recordings, or relieving sound. The veil interfaces with your telephone, tablet, or MP3 player remotely over Bluetooth, so you don’t need to object with any links.

We like the catches on its front as opposed aside, so you don’t turn over and unintentionally press them. The cover is an agreeable, movable pick that is lightweight and breathable. It gives 8 hours of battery life.

5-BEST WIRED PAIRCozyPhones Contour Series Sleep Headphones​$17.97SHOP NOW

If you don’t want to splurge on wireless sleep headphones, consider this wired pair instead. CozyPhones are a comfortable and affordable option, and because they’re wired, you don’t have to worry about charging them. 

We tested the CozyPhone Contour series, which has a mesh lining over the standard pair’s all-fleece design. The breathable fabric helps keep things cool, but the CozyPhones only come in one size, so they may not fit everyone.

During our testing, we tracked down that the earphones’ 52-inch rope was bounty adequately long to keep our cell phone on an end table, however in the event that you thrash around a great deal, you’ll most likely need to keep the connected gadget with you in the bed. Thusly, your telephone will not tumble off the end table when you unavoidably turn over and pull on the line.

We like that the CozyPhone has a braided cable that never seems to get tangled. Its sound quality is clear, and at maximum volume, the headphones are loud enough to drown out snoring. 


For those looking for a couple of reasonable earbuds that you can use in bed or in a hurry, we suggest MAXROCK’s earbuds. This lightweight and agreeable pair highlights soft silicone earbuds that will not trouble you when your head is laying on a cushion. Furthermore, they have a mouthpiece for noting calls during the day.

These sleep headphones come with a carrying case and two differently sized tips for maximum comfort.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

7-AFFORDABLE EARBUDSPanasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones$8.99SHOP NOW

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend your additional money on an extravagant pair of rest earphones, these straightforward earbuds cost under $10 and convey shockingly fair sound quality. They arrive in a bunch of tones, including blue, green, orange, pink, and red. You likewise have the decision to get an inline receiver for calls.

The headphones sport a 43-inch-long cable and ultra soft tips that conform to your ear shape for a comfortable and tight fit.

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8-BEST FOR SIDE SLEEPERSPanasonic RP-HS46E-K Slim Clip-on Earphone$13.90SHOP NOW

If you’re currently using the earbuds that came with your smartphone to listen to music at bed time, you’re probably sick and tired of thick plastic protruding into your ear canal while you lay on your side.

These moderate earphones from Panasonic are delicate and don’t should be put inside your ear. All things considered, they cut onto your external ear and lay level against it. Obviously, this implies an individual dozing close to you will hear your music. The earphones come in gleaming dark and have double 30-millimeter drivers and a 43-inch-long link.

9-BEST FOR TRAVELINGSoundbot SB210 Wireless Headphone Beanie$14.99SHOP NOW

One minor issue with rest earphones and dozing veils is that they look somewhat odd. In the event that you will not get too hot wearing it, this earphone beanie is another incredible choice for the individuals who need to rest while paying attention to music. It costs under $20, and it combines remotely to your cell phone over Bluetooth.

The cap highlights installed controls, so you can respite or resume playback and change volume without contacting your telephone. It’s anything but an inherent amplifier for accepting calls. You can anticipate 5 hours of battery life, making it a sidekick also.

10-BEST FOR AUDIOPHILESBose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Canceling Headphones$249.00SHOP NOW

In the event that you focus on sound quality over solace, these Bose earbuds are the best ones you can purchase to stay in bed. They offer a tight fit and exceptional sound quality. They likewise have an inherent distant for changing volume, stopping playback, and skipping tracks.

Bose incorporates three sizes of tips to guarantee that you get a decent seal, making this an incredible choose for suffocating snorers. The earbuds are fairly agreeable, but since they’re fixed, in-ear earbuds, they might be awkward for side sleepers.

11-BEST FOR RESTLESS SLEEPERSC. Crane SoftSpeaker 3 Amplified Pillow Speaker

C. Craneamazon.comSHOP NOW

This palm-sized speaker tucks into your pillowcase and plugs into your smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet to play music before bed. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to wear headband-style headphones, or for side sleepers who prefer not to have earbuds jabbing into their ears.

The speaker is embedded into a plush pillow, and it’s connected to a battery-powered amp to deliver louder audio. During our tests, we were impressed with the sound quality. We listened to soothing rain noises from YouTube and found ourselves peeking out of our window to see if it was actually raining. The only downside is that if your ear isn’t right by the speaker, the audio can sound slightly distorted — especially when listening to music.

This isn’t a good pick for those looking for a way to drown out a snoring partner, because one of your ears will be exposed. But if you toss and turn a lot, you won’t have to worry about wrapping yourself up in a cord like you would if you were wearing a headband-style headphone. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

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