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Best Basement Waterproofing Companies

Basement Systems is our top choice

Written by Dacey Orr

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Basement waterproofing companies help homeowners protect their lower levels from damage and other issues created by moisture. Whether your basement is already a finished living area that must remain inhabitable or simply a storage space you hope to keep mold-free, it’s important to guard this moisture-prone area against water damage, and waterproofing methods exist at multiple price points.

The best basement waterproofing companies offer wide availability, knowledgeable and communicative technicians, and the peace of mind that comes with long-running warranties on any services or equipment provided. And they should be equipped to discuss all of the appropriate options with potential customers, helping homeowners make the decision that best fits their home, water issues, and budget. Continue reading for more about the best basement waterproofing companies.Best Basement Waterproofing Companies of 2021

Best Overall: Basement Systems

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Why We Chose It

Available nationwide via more than 180 local contractors, Basement Systems’ versatile waterproofing solutions have been trusted by homeowners and contractors for more than 30 years.Pros

  • Widely available
  • Lifetime warranty on all products
  • 30+ patented waterproofing solutions


  • Service and policies vary across local providers

Founded in 1987 by Larry Janesky in Connecticut, Basement Systems now holds more than 30 patents and nearly 20 prizes for innovation in the waterproofing space. Its drainage pipes, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and other solutions are used by nearly 200 local contractors around the country, making it one of the most widely available basement waterproofing companies out there.

Quotes vary widely based on your location, your home size, and the scale of the moisture problem in your basement. To get an accurate idea of how much a Basement Systems solution will cost, enter your ZIP code on the company website to find a local provider and schedule a free waterproofing consultation and estimate. The company also staffs a customer service telephone line to answer questions and schedule appointments.

Reviewers praise Basement Systems’ reliability, clean workmanship, and long-lasting effectiveness. Most seem to come away from their investment feeling that the basement waterproofing was money well spent. Basement Systems does protect its products with a “lifetime warranty,” but since its solutions are offered almost entirely by local contractors, the service and policies surrounding that promise may vary from place to place along with specific standards and requirements for technicians. Be prepared to discuss any urgent questions about the specifics with your local provider rather than with Basement Systems as a whole.

Best Warranty: BDry

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Why We Chose It

BDry operates more than 50 locations across 24 states, boasting one of the best and most all-encompassing lifetime warranties in the industry.Pros

  • Lifetime warranty
  • In operation since 1958


  • Costs vary widely
  • Installation time can run longer than competitors

BDry places plenty of stock in its impressive lifetime warranty: The company often points out that a home waterproofed 60 years ago could still be covered by its guarantee, a feat not many competitors can match. The company was founded in 1958 and is still going strong across more than 50 locations, with a reliable product and capable technicians that make BDry a top waterproofing choice, even beyond its formidable warranty.

To get an idea of how much BDry basement waterproofing will cost in your home, schedule a free inspection. A certified consultant will inspect your basement, take measurements, and offer an estimate depending on the size of the space and the severity of your water problem. If the job requires outside help—a plumber or an electrician, for example—BDry will refer you to an outside professional.

Should you decide to engage BDry for basement waterproofing, the installation process will likely involve temporarily removing a portion of your basement’s floor slab, creating a slope to promote drainage, drilling “weep holes” into any concrete blocks, and/or installing BDry’s “Rigid Sealer,” a waterproofing membrane, onto interior walls. BDry warns that it can take more man-hours than many competing waterproofing companies, but insists that it will be worth the extra time—something backed up by scores of positive customer reviews. You can contact BDry’s customer service by phone with any questions or schedule your consultation from 8 am. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Best Customer Service: Ameri-Dry

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Why We Chose It

Ameri-Dry evaluates each home individually to recommend its best waterproofing solution, offering customers a range of options to consider before committing and a detailed work order prior to starting the job.Pros

  • Detailed work order, walkthrough, and final inspection
  • Full “life of the structure” warranty


  • Cost hard to predict without inspection
  • Limited service area

Ameri-Dry commentators acclaim the organization’s productive workmanship, respectful help, and durable outcomes—which are exceedingly significant characteristics in an organization you trust to reinforce your home against harm. In business since the mid-1980s, the organization has a presence in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Delaware, and Virginia. Clients in Ameri-Dry’s help region can call or book online for a free in-home investigation.

When you draw in Ameri-Dry, a specialist will examine the wellspring of any breaks prior to suggesting a treatment plan that considers your financial plan and the seriousness of your issues. Most usually, AmeriDry will suggest introducing an inside train tile framework, yet for outrageous dampness issues, therapy can be just about as concentrated as a complete exhuming—an expensive, however once in a while important, final hotel.

Prior to starting work, you can depend on Ameri-Dry to share an itemized work request, imparting how each mark of the arrangement will happen and why it’s important. Your foreman will be open and informative all through the interaction, and that super great assistance broadens long after the group leaves your home: Ameri-Dry offers a full “existence of the design” guarantee, which implies it’s completely adaptable (without any charges) when you sell your home—a significant in addition to for land owners.

Most Transparent Pricing: Everdry

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Why We Chose It

As one of the only basement waterproofing businesses to share an average price per square foot online, Everdry stands out for its price transparency in addition to an emphasis on interior andexterior work.Pros

  • Many local branches share average per-square-foot pricing
  • Comprehensive approach


  • Details about warranty are unclear
  • Only 18 locations

Since its establishing in 1983 in Cincinnati, Everdry has been a pioneer in the waterproofing market, fostering different licensed frameworks and offering a wide scope of administrations at a straightforward and reasonable cost. Seek Everdry for both inside and outside waterproofing frameworks, from open air current seepage frameworks that arrangement with surface water and dampness that could leak through establishment dividers to indoor pressing factor help frameworks that utilization siphons to deliver water in the dividers. Commentators acclaim the organization’s thorough methodology, adherence to projected courses of events, and readiness to return rapidly to determine any waiting corrective or useful issues—even after the work is finished.

Everdry’s waterproofing administrations for the most part run somewhere in the range of $3 and $9 per square foot, and establishments will in general take around a few days. All Everdry areas stretch out at any rate a one-year guarantee that is adaptable on the off chance that you sell your home and extendable yearly—and a few areas offer free guarantees with any longer terms. Client support is reachable through a complementary number, with waterproofing administrations accessible at 18 areas across eight states: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Final Verdict

Picking a cellar waterproofing organization will rely to a great extent upon your individual requirements, with arrangements fluctuating generally dependent on home size and the sort of dampness issues you’re managing. We found that Storm cellar Frameworks is the top supplier of storm cellar waterproofing dependent on its wide accessibility, assortment of contributions, lifetime guarantee, and many licenses in the waterproofing space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Methods of Basement Waterproofing?

The best method of basement waterproofing is largely dependent on your home and the severity of your moisture problem. There are many options when it comes to waterproofing your bottom level, and most basement waterproofing companies will be able to recommend the best fit after an in-home consultation. The most common outdoor basement waterproofing methods are optimizing soil grade, installing new drainage systems, and creating water-tight barriers to act as dams. Inside, waterproofing methods often include sump pumps, foundation coatings or sealants, and/or dehumidifiers.

How Much Should Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Cellar waterproofing ranges generally in cost, so on the off chance that you have a strong venture as a top priority, it’s a smart thought to get more than one gauge prior to focusing on any work. Full-scale storm cellar waterproofing can be valued somewhere in the range of $3 and $12 per square foot, in light of our exploration, bringing the absolute expense up to a large number of dollars. More modest support issues or safeguard measures might be more affordable.

Is Waterproofing a Basement Worth the Cost?

Waterproofing your cellar ensures against form, which can be unsafe to your wellbeing, and decay, which can be negative to your home’s underlying honesty. Deciding to waterproof your cellar might be exorbitant, yet it ensures you against a lot costlier (and possibly perilous) issues later on. Storm cellar waterproofing organizations, for example, as AmeriDry offer guarantees that keep going for the existence of the design, which can increase the value of your home when it’s an ideal opportunity to sell. Generally speaking, it is normally great to fix your storm cellar dampness issues before they become a bigger issue.

How Long Does Basement Waterproofing Last?

Most basement waterproofing systems last for a maximum of about 10 years. That said, if you shop around for a company with a lifetime warranty, you may be able to cash in on free or low-cost ongoing maintenance that will keep your basement dry without added costs.

How Do I Choose a Waterproofing Company for My Basement?

To pick a waterproofing organization for your cellar, start by inspecting suppliers in your space with great, steady surveys, paying special mind to any data about civility, trustworthiness, and productivity, which can be difficult to measure with simply a statement. In case you’re confronting a huge cost, attempt to get cites from more than one organization: This will assist you with trying not to pay for administrations you don’t require, and affirm whether any huge endeavors are important to tackle your issue.

Once you’ve settled on a provider, ask questions about potential extra costs, warranty coverage, timeline, and any potential mess or wreckage that might render part of your home or yard temporarily unusable.


To pick the best cellar waterproofing organizations, we searched first for organizations that have an impression in at any rate about six expresses that may be accessible to help the biggest number of perusers, focusing on organizations like Cellar Arrangements, which flaunts almost 200 neighborhood contracting accomplices. We saw client surveys, giving uncommon consideration to any notices of professional conduct, idealness, straightforwardness, and unwavering quality, and afterward thought about what sort of assurance clients could rely on once the work was finished. Practically the entirety of the top cellar waterproofing organizations offered some sort of guarantee, with some ensuring their work for the lifetime of the design being referred to.

We also considered customer service—including what kinds of checklists and services are in place to communicate with homeowners—and price transparency, seeking easy-to-find posts about price per square foot that could be accessed without an appointment or an in-person sales pitch.

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