September 21, 2021
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Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover Review

An eco-friendly, abrasive cleaner that tackles tough stains

Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

What We Like

  • Mild, minty scent
  • Removes rust and water stains
  • Abrasive formula works well on hard surfaces
  • Comes with stiff bristle brushes

What We Don’t Like

  • Labor-intensive cleaning process
  • Abrasive can scratch soft surface

If you have tough stains that require a lot of elbow grease to eliminate, the Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover is a great cleaner to have in your arsenal.Buy on Amazon4

Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover


We purchased the Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover so our expert reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

Never-endingly wet surfaces—like baths and showers—make certain to collect rust, hard water, cleanser rubbish, and other difficult to-clean wrecks. However, shower cleaners, as Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover, are intended to make things simpler. We got a 48-ounce holder (which accompanies cleaning brushes) to check whether had the option to handle our glass shower entryway. Peruse on to get our interpretation of the application cycle and execution of this eco-accommodating choice.

Ingredients: Eco-friendly claims, but difficult to track down

For some individuals, regardless of whether a cleaning item is eco-accommodating is serious—it is important nearly as much as the force of the actual item. This Bio Clean recipe professes to be eco-accommodating yet the organization doesn’t make it simple to distinguish and find the fixings. On the name and on the brand’s site, three substance are recorded: LAS Complex CAS # 27176-87-0, Surfactant CAS # 68436-49-3, and Silica Flour CAS # 14808-60-7.

Exploring those numbers shows that what we’re really managing is dodecyl benzene sulfonic corrosive, paraffin sulfonate, and silica flour. These are ordinary fixings in clothing cleansers, surface cleaners, and some excellence items. Alone, and together, for this situation, they’re more secure choices for the climate than harsher fixings in certain cleaners. Try not to mistake eco-accommodating for all-characteristic or natural, however. This cleaner can cause harm in the event that it comes into contact with your eyes or is inadvertently ingested.

Bottle Design and Application: Get ready to work, unless you have a drill

It really is great this cleaner arrives in a wide-mouth compartment. Albeit the producer likewise sells it in more conventional jugs, the thick green gel would be difficult to extricate from a more modest opening since you need to plunge a material or a paper towel into the gel to eliminate it. We attempted this with both paper towels and a microfiber material. The paper towels functioned admirably, however since the actual cleaner is elusive, it was more enthusiastically to get a decent hold. The fabric was simpler to utilize due to its finished surface.

Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover
 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

Whenever you’ve separated the cleaner, it scours and spreads well—along these lines, while you need to utilize more cleaner than you would with a splash, you actually get a great deal for your cash. To get full utilization of this item, notwithstanding, you need a drill to join the brushes to. It removes the perspiration from the work and rapidly frees your shower entryway of any shadiness (more on that underneath).

Cleaning Performance: Sweat equity removes stains

We focused our cleaning on our shower door, but we couldn’t resist trying it on a few other problem areas, too. We also tested out its included accessories: a Magic Cloth and three stiff bristle brushes that attach to an electric drill for added power. 

To start with, before we enrolled the assistance of a drill, we needed to perceive how this recipe functioned utilizing standard cleaning techniques. In our initial two tests, we utilized a microfiber material and plain paper towels. Per the guidelines on the compartment, we washed the outside of our give entryway water, dried it, stacked the fabric, and had the chance to work. From that point, it involved perspiration value. The directions don’t indicate a favored scouring design, yet we utilized roundabout movements. From the outset, we didn’t scour extremely hard—you can feel the grating in this cleaner, and we would not like to start to expose what’s underneath. Whenever you’re finished scouring, you flush it away with water.

On our shower door, most of the water stains were at the edges and in hard-to-reach areas like around the handles, near the rollers, and where the two sliding doors overlap. There was a slight clouding over the door and more significantly at the corners. 

The microfiber cloth did a good job with our first test. Even with light scrubbing, we could see that some of the water stains were gone, especially on the door handles and rollers, though slight cloudiness remained on the door itself. We weren’t done yet, though. 

For the second round, we scoured with paper towels and more muscle power. Once more, even with the less finished surface of the paper towel, we could see that a portion of the darkness vanished, however not all—particularly in regions where it was more enthusiastically to get influence.

For our last round of testing, we utilized one of the firm fiber brushes that accompanied the more clean. The drill removed the perspiration from the interaction totally and surprisingly on a low speed, it cleared up any leftover shadiness inside a moment. There was a perceptible distinction when utilizing the brush and more clean.

Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover
 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

Excited by our success, we tried the formula on a stubborn rust stain on the fiberglass surface of the shower and another on the tub. One disappeared while scrubbing with a paper towel, and the other came off when using the Magic Cloth that came with the cleaner. 

As a side note, the Magic Cloth feels like an additional thick paper towel, however the small filaments give it more hold. It’s not expendable like a paper towel but rather it is lightweight. Single word of alert: Bio Clean cautions against utilizing this cleaner on delicate plastics and a couple of different surfaces, so test it on a little spot prior to scouring excessively hard. We didn’t encounter any harm, yet it’s in every case best to be wary.

Overall, to say we were impressed would be an understatement—we were extremely satisfied with the performance of this cleaner.

Fragrance: Mild chalky mint

Harsh fragrances and chemicals are usually associated with powerful cleaners, but Bio Clean’s fragrance is a mild mint. We’d compare it to the smell of Pepto Bismol. It’s not overpowering and doesn’t give off any fumes, which we liked.

Price: Priced right for occasional use

Bio Clean’s Hard Water Stain Remover is genuinely costly—one 48-ounce tub alone is estimated at almost $30 on the brand site—yet its cleaning capacity makes it awesome. Additionally, you can discover it at a bargain, just as packaged with more frill, on locales like Amazon. Notwithstanding, we actually think the item is a wise speculation, particularly on the grounds that it can clean a lot a bigger number of surfaces than simply your shower entryway.

Competition: For tough stains, Bio Clean stands out

Puracy Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner: This spray is better for light surface cleaning rather than rust and stains. While Puracy has created a natural multi-purpose cleaner, it doesn’t help with hard water stains and tough build-up like Bio Clean. 

Downpour X Extreme Shower Door Cleaner: This equation is comparative in reason to Bio Clean, however doesn’t satisfy its guarantees. It doesn’t have the rough edge to slice through water stains and rust like Bio Clean, despite the fact that it required a similar measure of exertion to use.Final Verdict

Without a doubt, buy it.

You won’t need the Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover for daily or even average cleaning tasks. When you need to handle tough stains and hard water residue, though, it’s definitely powerful enough to be your go-to product.The 8 Best Cleaners for Glass Shower Doors of 2021


  • Product NameHard Water Stain Remover
  • Product BrandBio-Clean
  • UPC794504535433
  • Price$29.99
  • Weight48 oz.

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