October 26, 2021
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Our editor-approved accessories will seriously upgrade your Echo experience.

1-Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

amazon.com $24.99$19.99 (20% off) SHOP NOW

An open air shrewd attachment is an Alexa adornment that you wouldn’t figure you would require, however once you have one, you’ll totally cherish it. I utilize this waterproof one on my gallery to control a bunch of outside string lights. I have a clock set for them to naturally turn on at nightfall and force off at 11 p.m. consistently.

For quite a long time that I hit the hay early, I simply request that Alexa “turn the yard off.” Since the embellishment has two power source, I additionally can undoubtedly connect my PC for when I need to work outside during the day

.2-AmazonBasics 0.7-Cubic-Foot Microwave

amazon.com $99.98 SHOP NOW

With Amazon’s shrewd microwave, you can utilize your voice to start warming your food. For instance, you can say “Alexa, cook potatoes,” or “Alexa, warm rice,” and the microwave will naturally prepare your nourishment for the perfect measure of time utilizing the right force setting.

The microwave has a 0.7-cubic-foot cavity size and features 10 different power levels to heat all your meals.

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3-Blink Mini Security Camera

amazon.com $34.99 SHOP NOW

This profoundly appraised, simple to-utilize Wi-Fi surveillance camera will allow you to monitor your home every minute of every day in full HD and send you alarms in the event that it recognizes movement. It’s likewise viable with the Echo.

Simply request that Alexa show your live feed on your Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Show, or Echo Spot. It even has night vision, so you can perceive what’s going on nonstop. It’s likewise outfitted with two-way sound, making it simple to check in with your family while you’re away.

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4-Echo Dot (4th generation) Outlet Hanger

amazon.com $16.99 SHOP NOW

This affordable Echo Dot accessory will help you clear off your surfaces and free your home from cord clutter. 

It’s viable with the fourth era Echo Dot, and it allows you effectively to mount the keen speaker to an outlet. We’re glad that the frill keeps the top outlet free, as well! On the off chance that you own the more established Echo Dot, you can buy a comparable mount here.

5-Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch

amazon.com $71.97 SHOP NOW

The Lutron Caseta can make recessed lights keen without changing out your bulbs. You should simply supplant your light switch. This dimmer switch accompanies a helpful controller, and it incorporates with most significant shrewd home administrations. I utilize mine with an Echo speaker to rapidly request that Alexa turn off or faint my non-savvy lights utilizing my voice.

The smart lighting system is available in single-pole or three-way setups, it offers geofencing capabilities, meaning that your lights can automatically turn on when you arrive, and then off when you leave your home. They can also be controlled with your voice.

Additionally, its application has “scenes,” which program the lights for explicit situations. For example, there’s a get-away scene that will kill the lights and on at explicit occasions to give the appearance that you’re home. Highlights like these make it stand apart from its rivals.

6-ecobee SmartThermostat

amazon.com $249.00 SHOP NOW

The ecobee SmartThermostat uses room sensors to monitor the temperature in your home. Depending on the size of your living space, you can connect multiple sensors for the best results.

The gadget’s keen highlights incorporate full Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant help by means of an implicit speaker and receivers, so you can without much of a stretch turn down the AC with your voice. The SmartThermostat likewise offers similarity with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and the IFTTT home robotization standard.

7-Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit

bestbuy.com $134.99 SHOP NOW

The Philips Hue bulbs can likewise shine in huge number of shadings, including a great many shades of white. They’re not difficult to introduce, and they work utilizing voice orders with your Echo. You can advise Alexa to turn lights on and off, change tone, and faint.

This pack comprises of a Philips Hue extension and three lights. Philips has the best choice of associated lighting items in the business, so you can grow your arrangement to significantly more in the event that you wish.

Our director of SEO & content Erica Murphy uses these smart bulbs in tandem with her Echo speaker to turn them off and on and help gently her wake up in the morning. 

8-ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

amazon.com $14.99 SHOP NOW

Another Echo speaker holder we love, this outlet rack gives a helpful raised space to stow your savvy speaker. It’ll let loose counter space and conceal monstrous strings. This Alexa frill keeps fastens effectively available, and it scatters your music around your home

9-iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum

amazon.com $299.99 SHOP NOW

Although robot vacuums aren’t meant to replace traditional vacuums, they’ll definitely keep your home tidier with very little effort on your end. Just say “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning,” and the robot vacuum will fire up to suck up dust, hair, and dirt throughout your floor space. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well this Roomba cleans your floors. And when it’s finished, it’ll automatically dock itself for recharging. 

10-Ring Stick Up Cam

amazon.com $99.99 $84.99 (15% off) SHOP NOW

The Ring Stick Up Cam can assist with encouraging reinforce your home security both inside and outside. The camera is totally weatherproof and offers 1080p Full HD live streaming. Key highlights incorporate movement discovery, night vision, an inherent alarm, and two-way sound.

There’s also a battery-powered variant for those hard-to-reach areas that aren’t near an outlet. The cameras integrate nicely with your Amazon Alexa devices, so you can ask Alexa to show you what the cameras are seeing on your Echo Show or Fire TV. 

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11-Echo (4th Generation) Wall Mount

amazon.com $24.99 SHOP NOW

In the event that you lean toward your tech to be out of the picture and therefore irrelevant, you’ll love these divider mounts. They’re the ideal size to raise up your shrewd speaker.

The wall mounts are sturdy and include all the hardware you need to mount them. You can also pick one up for your Echo Dot 4th Generation speaker, too.

12-Philips Hue White Outdoor Smart Bulb

amazon.com $29.97 SHOP NOW

If you want to add some smarts to your floodlight outdoors, you’ll love this Philips Hue bulb. It’ll help automate your outdoor space.

This Alexa accessory can be controlled remotely on your phone or with your smart speaker. It can be dimmed, set on a timer, or triggered based on your location, though a Hue Bridge is required to use it.

13-Kasa HS300 Smart WiFi Power Strip

amazon.com $53.99 SHOP NOW

This sleek and futuristic surge protector from TP-Link lets you control electronics in your home anywhere. It’s equipped with six smart outlets that you can control using your smartphone or Echo speaker. Plus, it features three 2.4A USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Proofreader Stefan Vazharov utilizes this flood defender to control his espresso corner — his coffee machine and processor are snared to it. “I truly appreciate the Kasa plug extension, since I never need to stress on the off chance that I neglected to kill my coffee machine,” he says.

In case you’re asking for what reason you’d need an Internet-associated flood defender, this one allows you to set timetables to kill every outlet on and at explicit occasions for the duration of the day. It additionally assists you with checking how much energy your gadgets are utilizing.

14-OMOTON Echo Show 5 Screen Protector

amazon.com $10.99 SHOP NOW

You likely have a screen defender on your cell phone, so is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t need one on your Echo Show’s touchscreen? Keep it scratch-and scrape free with this alternative from OMOTON. It’s anything but a three-pack and can shield against scratches from a blade edge, keys, and other sharp articles.

At 0.33 millimeters thick, it’s likewise one of the most slender screen defenders you can purchase. The screen defender accompanies all you require for a simple establishment, and it’s anything but’s a lifetime guarantee. This alternative is just viable with the more modest Echo Show 5, so in the event that you have the bigger variation, we suggest this choice all things being equal.

15: Echo Glow

amazon.com $29.99 SHOP NOW

The Echo Glow is an affordable way to add a splash of color to your home. This Alexa accessory pairs with your smart speaker, so you can control it using your voice. It’s only 4 inches in diameter but produces an excellent array of colors. 

You can even use the lamp as a sunrise alarm. It’ll gradually increase the brightness in the morning when it’s time to wake up, then you can just tap it to turn it off.

16: Ring Mailbox Sensor Starter Kit

amazon.com $49.99 SHOP NOW

This nifty accessory will make you feel like you’re living in an episode of The Jetsons. It is a battery-operated motion sensor that you mount to your mailbox door. When your mailperson opens your mailbox, it senses motion and sends an alert to your smartphone or Alexa speaker to deliver a notification that your mail has arrived.

It’s worth mentioning that this accessory requires the purchase of a Ring Bridge (which you might have already if you have a Ring Doorbell). The Bridge is included with this starter kit. You can expect to get a 200-foot range with the sensor.

17: Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

amazon.com $29.99 SHOP NOW

With this Alexa accessory, you’ll never have to stress about accidentally leaving your garage door open again. 

Not only does it automatically close when it detects your car leaving, but you can also open or close the door with your smartphone from afar or with your smart speaker at home. The tool can also notify you any time the door opens.

18: Amazon Echo Wall Clock

amazon.com $29.99 SHOP NOW

One of our favorite ways to use the Echo is to schedule timers, but it can get quite repetitive asking Alexa how much time is left. 

This nifty, 10-inch wall clock makes checking on timers a lot easier. This Alexa accessory syncs to your Echo speaker and shows you the remaining time using LED lights. Amazon also sells a Mickey Mouse variant that’s worth checking out, too!

19: Ring Video Doorbell 3

amazon.com $179.99$ 139.99 (22% off) SHOP NOW

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is one of the most feature-filled smart doorbells you can buy. It wires to your existing doorbell line (or can be powered by a battery) and offers a sharp 1080p picture with a wide-angle lens, so you can see everything at your doorstep.

You’ll receive instant alerts to your smartphone when visitors press the doorbell or trigger a motion sensor. You can also watch a live feed anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it a useful tool for monitoring new Amazon packages on your porch.

20: Amazon Smart Plug

amazon.com $24.99 SHOP NOW

If you own an Echo, this smart plug should be at the top of your shopping list. The sleek, Wi-Fi-connected Alexa accessory plugs into an electrical outlet to power your lamps, appliances, and devices. 

It’s incredibly easy to set up: All you need to do is plug it into a power outlet, and Alexa will automatically detect it if it’s online. 

Once you’re connected, you can just ask your smart assistant to power your appliances off and on. Or, you can schedule it to turn on and off automatically and control it when you’re not at home.

21: Bulbrite Solana G25 Smart Light Bulb

amazon.com $19.99 $17.71 (11% off) SHOP NOW

Tester Latifah Miles uses this filament-style lightbulb in her living room lamps. She likes that the bulbs were easy to set up and appreciates the convenience of being able to adjust the color temperature of the lamps, from bright blue-white light to a warm yellow glow when her son passes out on the couch.

Although the bulbs can be set on a timer to automatically switch on and off, Miles said she prefers controlling them with her phone or with voice commands through her Alexa-enabled smart speaker. 

22: Echo Dot 4th Generation Owl Statue Holder

amazon.com $35.99 SHOP NOW

Considering how wise Alexa is, this owl figurine is clearly a perfect fit to house your smart speaker. The adorable 6-inch statue securely holds your Echo Dot, and it has an antislip mat at its bottom to keep it from sliding on your countertop or table. 

The design doesn’t block the speaker or hinder the microphones either. It’s compatible with the newest Dot and is also available for the 3rd generation Dot, and older Echo Dot models as well.

23: Amazon Smart Night-Light for Echo Flex

amazon.com $14.99 HOP NOW

If you want to put Alexa accessories in every room of your house, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing so, the Echo Flex is a small speaker and microphone that you can plug right into your wall outlet.

This nifty accessory rests at the bottom of the Flex and serves as a nightlight. It features an integrated sensor that’ll automatically illuminate when it’s dark. You can choose from 16 different color options and can switch between them with your voice.

Be sure to also check out this similar Motion Sensor accessory that works with the Flex. You can use it to create routines to trigger your various smart home accessories.

24: August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

amazon.com $229.99 SHOP NOW

The August Wi-Fi lock is compatible with most deadbolts, so it can easily make just about any door an integral part of a connected home setup. We like that this Alexa accessory allows you to keep your home keys, and it has a convenient geo-fencing feature that will automatically lock the door when you (and your mobile phone) leave a specific area.

A mobile app allows you to manage access to the lock, check its usage history, and receive notifications when someone opens the door. Since it pairs with your Alexa speaker, you can quickly and easily ask your smart assistant to unlock the door without even getting up from the couch. 

August’s latest smart lock is 45% smaller than its predecessor, which blends in better with your home decor.

25: Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 System

amazon.com $279.00 SHOP NOW

The Amazon eero 6 mesh dual-band Wi-Fi system not only will deliver fast and more reliable Wi-Fi speeds to your home, but it also works as a Zigbee smart home hub. The product allows users to control compatible smart home appliances and gadgets with Amazon Alexa commands.

An eero 6 three-pack consists of a router and two extenders. Combined, they can cover up to 5,000 square feet with futureproof Wi-Fi 6 internet.

26: SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

amazon.com $229.99$192.41 (16% off) SHOP NOW

The SimpleSafe alarm system combines a sleek design with an effortless setup and features a wide variety of components to protect your home. It includes a base station with a powerful siren, four entry sensors, a motion sensor, and a panic button that triggers the alarm and sends a call to emergency services.

The kit also includes window security stickers and a keypad to disable the alarm. We like that it doesn’t require the purchase of a subscription, although 1 month of professional monitoring is included.

27: Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

amazon.com $228.22 SHOP NOW

The Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera can capture HDR-enhanced 2K video, even in complete darkness. The camera is flanked by high-quality LED lights, which can illuminate a wide area. A built-in siren, two-way audio, and enhanced 911 capabilities are also on board.

Like all Arlo products, the floodlight camera is easy to operate with a smartphone app, and since it’s wireless, installation is a breeze, too. The motion-activated device has a weather-resistant design and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 months.

28: Amazon Echo Sub

amazon.com $209.97 SHOP NOW

If you want to take your Echo’s sound quality a step further, this subwoofer is a must-have accessory. It pairs wirelessly with up to two Echo speakers to add rich bass to your sonic experience. 

The Echo Sub is packed with a 6-inch downward-firing woofer. It weighs a hefty 9 pounds, is 8 inches tall, and sports a charcoal fabric material that’ll complement your Echo.

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