June 16, 2021

Best RV Air Conditioners in 2021

Best RV Air Conditioners in 2021

Would you like to spend your summer holiday in your RV across your country? Are you worried about your lack of air, or if your RV remains in continuous heat?

Whether you head into the forest, hiking, desert, beach, or snowy field, you can relax and enjoy maximum comfort in your RV. If you use the RV as a second house, you need to fill it with every comfort and convenience product you can, and an air conditioner is one of the most important things you should buy.

You will spend enjoyable holiday time in various locations like the beach or the humid summertime with a decent air conditioner.

Luckily, we’ve made a list of the Best RV Air Conditioners, so we can help you select the right one for your next holiday.

Things to Consider When Getting an RV Air Conditioner

  • BTUs
  • Quality
  • Noise Level


BTU (British Thermal Units) is probably the biggest factor in your decision to buy the cooling equipment for your RV. BTUs shows you how cool your RV will be with anAir Conditioner. If you’re traveling to hot destinations, you should look for Air Conditioners over 13500 BTUs.

Note, we don’t mean cooling a single room; it’s cooling your whole RV. It’s a lot of ventilation area, so not just a wide open-plan room where the air will quickly come in. You’re still living in a metal building that can hold the sun. There is always a lot of shade and dry asphalt that you spend. All this means that you may require extra cooling capacity.


The first way to ensure the high quality of a product is by looking at other consumers ‘ experiences. In other words, the best source for a company study is consumer feedback.

In this aspect, it is important that you do not necessarily trust the manufacturer’s product descriptions. They also say that a company can do something that it can not do and that RV air conditioning manufacturers are no different.

Noise Level

Almost any air conditioner creates noise in use these days, but some of them are quieter than others. Finding the right quietly operating RV air conditioner can boost the camping experience significantly.

Check the decibels that your AC device makes, which is the sound measurement, to reduce the risk of experiencing long sleepless nights. Different systems accept various amounts of noise, and the condition will normally get worse as the age of the unit deteriorates.

The average conversation is 40-60 decibels for a quick comparison. When you compare it to the 37 to 82 decibels that a similar AC model will make, you will see how such a system would, in the long run, be a nice added feature to your RV.

Best RV Air Conditioners

1. Dometic Polar White Air Conditioner

Best RV Air Conditioners in 2021

Dometic Polar White is the perfect air conditioner for RVs, with its innovative aerodynamic design. Due to its low profile, you barely have any wind drag when traveling. It is small and lightweight, rendering storage and operation simpler. The Polar White has 13,500 BTU capacity to cool medium-sized and large vehicles.

Deeper exploring, we can see why RV owners prefer this model. It pumps the airflow 15% more than other versions right off the bat. Powerful does not mean noisier since the sound and disturbance are treated with the rotating frames. Compatibility for ducted and unleaded systems also makes Polar a good choice for all forms of recreational vehicles.

The heavy power usage of the model is a downside. To get all its cooling capacity, you will need a wide and powerful generator. The fan of the wheel arrives defectively in certain systems and must be replaced. Finally, there is no thermostat or control panel in the package, so you will purchase them separately.

2. Airxcel Mach 15

Best RV Air Conditioners in 2021

For various factors, this one is in second place on this list. This is an efficient 15,000 BTU so that in colder camping conditions it can handle itself well. Since the heating capacity does not come normal, it may also lead to turning it into a gas. It has a strong engine and was famous because it’s capable of pushing a lot of air without being too disruptive.

This has a 1⁄3 hour fan engine and is also the fastest RV AC which delivers cold air at incredible rates of 320 cubic feet per minute. The Airxcel Mach 15 + uses a streamlined shape for improved airflow and air conditioning performance.

The motor shaft is secured to protect it from damage and components while the holder is sealed with stainless steel head resistant to corrosion. It further prohibits corrosion by a plastic drain bowl.

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The long operating life and durability of both copper and gas flow brazed joint tubes. The machine is further configured with large evaporator and condenser rolls with raised lace fins for thermal dissipation. The air conditioner can quickly produce cold air, even in elevated temperatures, high humidity, and paddling environments.

This is especially for those people who are still not sure whether they will need heating but want the choice in the future. Or you may only require an AC right today, so you will not be willing to extend the cost by utilizing the heat for another 6 months.

3. Dometic Penguin Air Conditioner

Best RV Air Conditioners in 2021

You might want to take a look at the Dometic 640315C if you are looking for a low-profile, powerful RV air conditioner that works perfectly for the cooling of your RV. It is one of the best RV air conditioners because of its outstanding efficiency and wide cooling capability.

The polar white climate control system for the RV roof is also a highly rated product on the market that uses R410A coolant with the best technology. It is one of the newest air conditioning technologies, as it will unleash more efficient ventilation.

The air conditioner on the roof also has an outstanding build, with a sleek look that complements the decoration and subject matter of the recreational vehicle. You’ll probably find it’s low – just under the height of 10 inches. It works well and looks elegant and new. The new pulling nature of this air-conditioning device contributes to its silent service. The nice framework of the hanger will drag and reduce friction and noise. This device also features a revamped base panel with ribs that add to Penguin II beauty and power.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Is An RV Air Conditioner?

One of the most essential equipment in your recreational vehicle is its small RV rooftop air conditioner which provides comfort. The plug is attached to shore power or a generator utilizing AC electricity. The control emerges from the socket.

The system uses much of the air vents on the roof to allow them to work effectively to cool the interior of the RV. The AC will operate and retain the optimum temperature inside your platform even on long drivetrains. The heat from the inside to the outside of the vehicle is eliminated from the air conditioner. Any of them will insure the summer weather is acceptable by RV’s air conditioner.

Do RV air conditioners run on propane?

Air conditioners for recreational vehicles run off 110V AC through a generator or a shore control. These don’t run on a battery or propane in most situations. And the RV AC will need 12V direct current power as a control voltage. However, there are some ACs which run off propane based on a number of sources, particularly if the campsite has no power or electricity. But, depending on the model you chose, you can ask about this from the supplier.

What size RV Air Conditioner do you need?

When buying an RV air conditioner, this aspect is important to consider. For instance, a large AC may be expensive and consumes too much energy. A small AC for a large vehicle, on the other hand, could not be able to cool it with many spaces. In this case, before making an acquisition, you should test the size of the RV AC you need. The size of the RV air conditioner depends on the British Thermal Units (BTUs) which are the amount of energy the AC consumes per hour. Therefore, test the BTU and refer to our debate earlier when comparing your choices. You can find an image at the beginning of this article for BTUs.

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