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The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

One of the most fun things you can own it’s a trampoline with a basketball hoop. Benefits are for both children and adults as an incredible game activity.

But you need the right option that’s 100% safe as you try to jump on the trampoline and dunk a basketball.

There are many basketball trampolines available in the market, and we hope on this page to make the choice simpler for you by describing the different trampolines.

Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop

1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

Skywalker is a well-known trampoline manufacturer, and one of their best-selling product is their Jump N’ Dunk trampoline. Just jumping is fun, but the children will have more to do by adding a basketball hoop. Your children will be active all summer with the Skywalker Jump N’ Jump trampoline. It is best for children aged 3 to 10 years old.

To protect kids from falling while having fun, the strong net wraps the trampoline. By being sturdy enough to bounce off, the nine-foot enclosure net also makes the trampoline more enjoyable.

The basketball hoop and ball are made out of comfortable and safe materials. The surface is fractured, which enhances stability as well. This is less like a traditional basketball target because of the soft material, but it’s a nice addition.

The jumping area with a weight of up to 200 lbs makes it a perfect option only for kids. In the same way, the 16 steel legs and frame gauges make them structurally stable, and parents can feel relaxed when the children are jumping on the bouncer.

It is built using reinforced T-sockets on the leg, and the enclosure joint supports the stability of the trampoline and prevents any structural twisting from occurring. These T-sockets are made of galvanized steel that resists rust and increases the life of the trampoline.

2. Merax 15 Foot Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

The Merax 15-Foot Outdoor Trampoline looks amazing in every yard. This is our second choice not only for its esthetic appeal but also for its safety features.

The Merax model supports up to 375 pounds, making it completely suitable for adults and children. The durability of the trampoline comes from the construction of heavy steel that sits on six W-shaped legs. To avoid damage from the elements, the bounce mat is also UV-protected, while the high-quality steel components are resistant to rust.

108 tightly woven springs surround a sturdy frame pad for an optimal bounce. It covers every spring in order to avoid accidents or injuries. The basketball hoop is a solid option, perfect for different games, and guaranteed to last for years. There is also a backstop net that any time you overshoot the rim stops the balls from bouncing out of control.

3. SONGMICS Trampoline

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

Three or more jumpers can fit into the SONGMICS trampoline at a time. Three or more jumpers can fit into the SONGMICS trampoline at a time.

The SONGMICS trampoline is considered highly durable because it is built from a range of high-quality materials. It is made from aluminum and galvanized steel and polyester cloth to secure it against the harsh sun’s rays.

The legs are W-shaped in this trampoline. The legs have 12 balanced points of contact, ensuring a more secure trampoline. They are made from galvanized steel and can be easily assembled by a button that connects the leg’s extensions.

Thanks to its T-shaped connectors, the frame itself has extra stability. These strengthen the legs to make them more durable than most options in this list.

4. Exacme Outdoor Trampoline

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

A trampoline that has a good weight capacity is difficult and a reasonable price is difficult to find.

To give endless fun for your children, the Exacme outdoor trampoline with a basketball hoop has a weight limit of 398 pounds, the highest on the market.

The Exacme trampoline has the safety features you need. It can be set up just 3 feet over the ground, and it’s equipped with a high-density PE-net. Without fear of injury, your kids can spend a whole day bouncing. The mat has features such as a waterproof, UV-resistant, and fade-resistant surface that is intended to last for years.

In addition, the rust-resistant heavy steel frame increases the reliability and longevity of the trampolines.

5. Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

Jump slammer basketball hoop gives a more creative impact on your trampoline. The ability to perform large-scale dunking and taking a new jump track is an impressive benefit and advantage of this basketball trampoline. This basketball trampoline hoop is much better made than other similar items on the market. In actual reality, it offers a pretty international suit because it normally takes place on a curved plate, a straight pin, and an arch line.

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So many basketball trampoline hoops are attached without any modification, and it’s sure to do the job if you have a shackle with a bend. The basketball Jump Slammer provides a friendly and entertaining trampoline system of extensive height. A package pole is to be purchased separately for mounting, as the kit is not included.

The trampoline is flexible for all enclosures, curved poles, straight poles, or enclosure structures of the form Arch. The trampolines have a standardized fit of 98%. The mounting possibility of bent poles is very flexible. The dual armrest of the lower pole makes the hoop upright and straight, which gives you a certain balance.

Trampoline depth can be changed in order to alter the net mounting with a simple adjustment of the front and back angles.


  • Many enclosure poles can fit and be adjusted very easily.
  • Accessible and adjustable towards all ideal enclosures, curved pole, arch type enclosure pole, or straight pole.
  • Depth can be adjusted to mount on different locations.
  • Front-to-back angle adjustment is very easy to do.
  • The dual bracket placed on the lower pole gives a balance to keep the hoop vertical and straight.
  • Constructed with the same UV-protected materials as of trampoline, that shows durability and longevity.
  • Breakaway rim gives a realistic experience while making you accessible to do dunking without damaging your hands.
  • Foam ball is included with the packages to make your basketball experience safer.
  • It comes with ninety days manufacture warranty in which the replacement of every defective part is done.

6. Springfree Trampoline | 8 10 11 13ft | With Basketball Hoop

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop (2021)

The immersive gaming system from Tgoma makes your standard old trampoline a digital gaming platform. It is filled with over ten games and software. You may leave the trampoline or without worries in all kinds of weather. This trampoline’s mat is built spring-free, and this allows it to withstand an impact 30 times greater than the padding itself.

It has a total weight of 1100 pounds and a jumping weight of 220 pounds. An S155 spring-Trampoline, a wireless Tgoma game machine, a basketball hoop, and a ladder can be included with the whole kit.

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The rods are made of carbon fiberglass and the structure is made of galvanized stainless steel and is UV-resistant polypropylene mats and nets. Interactive and instructional devices are accessible for children and preadolescents, health applications for adults, and other strong sports. This is all about safety, technology, and fun, all rolling into one.

Buyer’s Guide


The trampolines are available in a range of sizes from small to large, enjoyable for the entire family. You may want to get one 5 foot wide and 5 feet high, if you get a trampoline with a basketball hoop for a young child, say, 6 or under. A 12-15 feet wide trampoline with a hoop from 12-15 feet is best suited for children older than 6 and adults.

You’ll have limited space if you want to keep it indoors – in terms of both diameter and height. If you want to keep them in the yard, there is more space available and you can consider bigger trampolines of up to 15 or 16 feet to buy.

Safety Features

Trampolines can be dangerous, so when buying a trampoline with a basketball hoop it’s important to keep in mind safety. They should have a safety net wrapping the whole trampoline and springs connecting the jumping mat to the appropriate net should be rust-resistant and closely coiled.


When it comes to trampolines, if you are responsible for their maintenance, they’ll last longer. And these aren’t precisely high-maintenance products by default. All you have to do is keep an eye out for warning signs and continuously monitor the safety aspects.


You’d like a trampoline to last for at least a couple of years, just like any product you buy. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranties because it is the most accurate measure of its reliability and durability. In general, a high-quality trampoline is expected to last more than three years.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Choose a Trampoline with Basketball Hoop?

Although a lot of trampolines are on the market today, you should buy one with a basketball hoop. A standard trampoline helps balance, but it can also provide additional body coordination practice by including a basketball hoop. It can be difficult to concentrate on two different items at once. But jumping and dunking will boost the coordination of a child.

Do Trampolines Need Anchors?

Unanchored trampolines easily become dangerous in windy areas. Heavy winds quickly pick up all contraction, damage property, and cause injuries in the lands of trampolines.

If you live in an area with a lot of gales, avoid harming anyone by well-anchoring your trampoline.

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