October 26, 2021
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Choosing the Best Refrigerator Style for Your Kitchen

Which fridge is best for your kitchen?

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There are numerous assortments of cooler styles, and it tends to be extremely hard to choose which sort of ice chest will turn out best for your kitchen and family. While establishment limitations and limit needs regularly direct how huge a model you should purchase, how that fridge is planned (style) additionally matters.

The style of ice chest can obstruct or improve your kitchen work process, making for more productive (or not) feast prep and that effectively converts into saving time and energy. For a bustling family, this can have a critical effect in your day. Possibly in how your day begins.

So refrigerator style doesn’t only relate to shiny finishes, bells, and whistles (how it looks), but how the overall design of this appliance functions in your kitchen. These will help you to consider options and eliminate the styles that are not good choices, to narrow down the best style for your particular needs. Then, you’ll be ready to start shopping for a fridge.

All Refrigerator

  • This is usually the most economical model
  • Looks similar to an upright freezer
  • Not too many frills; least features on this style 
  • You can better organize all your cooled foods
  • Easy access to top half for items you use often
  • Provides the largest refrigerated capacity (no freezer compartment)
  • Best for homes that also have a freezer which is conveniently located near the kitchen
  • Good choice for a spare or second fridge
  • These are often manual defrost. Confirm the type of cleaning before buying.
  • Less capacity choice for this style of fridge; more compact models

Single-Door Refrigerator With Freezer Capacity

  • This style has a freezer compartment, but there’s only one refrigerator door, not a split door.
  • Economical to buy
  • Fewer features, less capacity, or fewer choices of exterior finish
  • Less energy efficient. Every time the door is opened warm air can cause the freezer temperature to rise and energy is needed to cool down again.
  • Freezer compartments are usually small and inadequate
  • Single door swing; allow sufficient space for door opening
  • Usually available in smaller capacities
  • Good choice for the budget minded, small spaces, or as a secondary unit
  • Best if there’s also a freezer in the home

Top (Freezer) Mount Refrigerator

  • Most popular model; ideal for smaller kitchens
  • This style has the freezer on the top with a separate split door
  • Economical and traditional model
  • Freezer temperature remains more constant with a separate door
  • Freezer compartment sizes vary per model
  • Good choice of finishes, features, and capacities
  • Allow room for full door swing
  • Best choice for those who do not have space for a French door or side-by-side model

Bottom (Freezer) Mount Refrigerator

  • Freezer compartment is on the bottom with a separate door or drawer
  • More expensive than a top mount refrigerator
  • Freezer compartment capacity varies 
  • Good choice of finishes, features, racking
  • Good variety of capacities and models available
  • Various freezer configurations; shelving or pull-out basket with a door or pull out freezer drawer
  • Usually has a larger refrigerated section
  • Refrigerated items used most often are at eye level
  • More bending for some to easily access the bottom freezer; harder to organize contents
  • Before buying, review the freezer access for convenience

Side by Side Refrigerator

  • More expensive than traditional top or bottom mount
  • The freezer is typically on the left side; refrigerated on the right
  • Models range from 22 cubic feet and up
  • Capacities vary depending on height, depth, and width
  • Available with or without water and ice makers/dispensers 
  • Optional water or ice dispensers require plumbing set-up costs
  • Less refrigerated capacity, but more freezer capacity than a top mount
  • Freezer convenience for organizing and retrieving foods 
  • Odd-sized trays or items may require creative positioning due to reduced food storage width
  • Allow space for (short) door openings on each side; less door swing than top or bottom mount refrigerators
  • Good variety of features, finishes, and capacities
  • Good choice for small kitchens because of the shorter door swing
  • Ideal for those who want to eliminate the need for a separate freezer
  • Easier freezer access for some, compared to the bottom mount model

French Door Models

  • Most expensive, but most convenient especially for food trays
  • Split doors with the largest refrigerated capacity
  • Freezer is on the bottom; configuration can vary
  • Good choice of features, adjustable racking, bins
  • Some models have four doors or additional deli drawer
  • Not available in under 20 cubic foot refrigerator models
  • Optional water/ice dispensers—requires plumbing set-up
  • Best for storing odd and bulky items
  • Best use of refrigerated space
  • Popular units for storage convenience, stylish looks, choice of finishes and short door swing

Steps to Making a Refrigerator Style Decision

Start by taking components of the space where the fridge will be introduced, including the permissible tallness, on the off chance that you have overhead cupboards. Permit adequate width for entryway swing(s). In spite of the fact that we frequently prefer to think as far as food stockpiling needs (limit) first, the accessible space will have the last say on the size of refrigerator you choose. In this way, keep your assumptions inside your space and spending contemplations.

Cooler models can be counter/cupboard or full profundity and that influences space and limit. Become familiar with ​refrigerator profundity alternatives to additional tight down your model decisions. In the event that you’d like a model with locally available water and ice, realize that this component will diminish the general limit. It will likewise require a pipes association.

Next, do you want a freezer compartment and where would you like it to be: on the side (side-by-side), on the bottom (bottom mount) or on the top (top mount). Maybe, you already have a standalone freezer nearby and you’d prefer an all refrigerator model. That will save money, but you’ll have less model variety to choose from.

Each style of fridge has its accommodation level. Highlights, racking, and mugginess controls fluctuate per model and obviously, will impact the primary concern. On the off chance that you’ve made sure about your decisions to a French entryway model, you can assist with minimizing expenses by getting just food stockpiling highlights that make a difference to you. Expenses for this mainstream refrigerator style can be significant, so pick carefully.

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