October 26, 2021
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10 Best Must-Have Travel Gadgets & Gears (for 2021)

15+ Best Must-Have Travel Gadgets & Gears (for 2021)


I was considering devices that would make things simpler while I travel and around 15-20 contraptions sprung up to me. With some exploration and study, I have picked the 18 most supportive contraptions that you can haul around to make life simpler when voyaging. These contraptions are exceptionally new to the market and suits the best for your excursions in the year 2021. I trust it will be protected to go in 2021 dissimilar to 2020 which was a finished wreck.

If you have any other gadgets to suggest, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Being a tech enthusiast, I carry a lot of gadgets when I travel. My favorite ones are inCharge 6Mpow H12 Headphones, and EB150 power station (for road trips). Also, I carry an international power adapter and an inflatable neck pillow when I travel internationally.

These are our best gadget picks for travelers

1. MiniPresso – Portable Espresso Machine

MiniPresso GR by Wacaco is a super useful Espresso maker which is so portable. With this espresso maker, you can grind your own coffee beans to prepare the drink whenever and where ever you need. Look how good the product looks, I personally liked the ergonomics. Features like lightweight and easy to use make this cool espresso maker one of the must have travel accessories. No matter if you are visiting the chilling New York or hot Arizona, this gadget should be in your travel bag. Also, the espresso maker comes with a cup embedded in it that should be super useful. Costing just under $50, this cool gadget will be worth it…. [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • No Battery Needed
  • Easy to Operate
  • Portable


2. Zendure Passport II Pro Travel Adapter

Zendure, a company known for its rugged power banks and innovative travel adapters has come up with a new product. It is a successor to its Passport Pro travel adapter but with a ton of added features. Meet Zendure Passport II Pro, the best universal travel adapters on the market. You’ll know why it is the best as you go through this post.Unlike many other travel adapters, Passport 2 Pro offers Power Delivery (simply put, fast charging capability)  at 61W which is the highest ever to be offered by a travel adapter. Its sleek design, smooth sliders… [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • Universal Compatibility
  • 61W USB C Power Deliver Port
  • 10A Auto Resetting Fuse
  • Simultaneously Power 6 Devices
  • Super Lightweight and Compact
  • Sleek and Aesthetic Design


3. Gravel Layover – A Portable Travel Blanket

I was curious when I came across this product and thought for a while, can a blanket of this size and quality provide as much comfort and warmth as a traditional blanket like a woolen or a cotton one. A deeper drive gave me more insights. This ultra-portable blanket called LAYOVER is packed with an infinite number of pockets (lol!), insulated material, and fasteners for further expansion.Believe it or not, this cool blanket could fit in a super small carry bag/pouch that might not even consume 10% of your travel backpack. Weighing just around 350 grams. this blanket is definitely super portable. This blanket has a ton of pockets for various purposes including leg warmers, passport pocket, and whatnot. Watch the video for further understanding…. [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • Weighs 11.4 Oz
  • Easily Fits in a Backpack
  • Multiple Pockets


4. Trtl Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow

Trlt is a Unique pillow that solves a lot of problems with the traditional U shaped travel pillow.  The company claims it as the Scientifically Engineered Travel Pillow With Premium Comfort And Breathability. The pillow is fully customizable. Comforts you in every direction, so the next time you are on a flight, don’t worry about the sleep, you can turn around in any way, and yet sleep comfortably, thanks to this Trit pillow…. [Read More]CHECK IT OUT

5. OYO NOVA – A Portable Personal Gym

Weight loss, fitness, or maintaining shape is your goal while staying at home? Well, today I have an interesting gadget for you. Meet Oyo Nova, a personal and portable gym that you can carry anywhere. If I were to talk about Oyo fitness company, they have a range of fantastic fitness product which works magic. Most of their equipment is portable and created in a heavy-duty, high resistance to provide one total-body strength, be it at the home, office, or even on a vacation or business trip.Oyo Nova is perfect for working guys who find little to no time to hit the gym. It’s small in size and highly portable, it fits perfectly in a backpack. To make things even better, Nova Personal Gym uses Spiral Flex technology, which provides you with a 40 lbs equivalent of resistance.  [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • Up to 40lbs / 18kg Resistance
  • Works out Different Muscle Groups
  • Portable (Fits in a Backpack)
  • Free Workout Videos

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6. EcoFlow River 600 – Modular Portable Power Station

As you may be knowing, portable power stations are becoming more and more popular these days. Until now, I have featured more than 5 battery stations here on G for Gadget. Also, power stations aren’t new to me and I personally own a Bluetti EB150 station which is one of the most useful tech accessories I own. From my experience, the newer power stations are significantly feature-packed than the older ones. They have a cool design, super small and ultra-fast. Today, I am gonna introduce you to a super cool power station called R600 by Ecoflow.  [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • 600W Power Capacity
  • 288Wh Base Battery Capacity
  • 1200W Surge Capacity
  • Modular Design
  • Expandable Battery
  • 0 to 80% Charging in 1 Hour
  • MPPT Solar Panel Support


7. PGYTECH OneMo 25L Camera Backpack

OneMo backpack by PGYTECH is one of the coolest backpacks I saw at CES 2020. This backpack is made for photographers but I personally think it is suitable for any geek who travels with a lot of gadgets and accessories. OneMo has a capacity of 25L which is good enough to carry a ton of gadgets.  The backpack has a built-in pouch mode that holds your camera and lens. The whole pouch will fit inside the backpack itself. OneMo also has dedicated pockets where you can store… [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • Built-in Pouches
  • Water-Resistant
  • 25L capacity
  • Sweatproof
  • Perfect for Cameras & Drones


8. inCharge 6 – The Only Charging Cable you need

Rolling Square, a popular swiss based manufacturers has a huge history in designing and developing some of the coolest smartphone accessories. Some of their previous products include inCharge, inCharge Universal and Hyphen. Today, I am reviewing their latest product called inCharge 6 cable. This is a 6 in 1 connecting cable that lets you connect between different types of USB devices. To be exact, inCharge 6 supports USB, Type C, Lightning, and Micro USB connections. There are 6 combinations that you can mix and match. We shall see them in the next section.  Just after launching inCharge 6, the company launched its new product called TAU. It is a keychain power bank. You can check it out here. inCharge 6 is very lightweight, portable, and easy to use. If you have this in your wallet or backpack, there is no need to carry additional cables at all. inCharge 6… [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • 6 Different Combinations
  • Phone to Phone OTG charging
  • 90 Layer braided copper wire
  • Magnetic Attachment


9. Kabuto Smart Carry-On Luggage

When it comes to quality, not all suitcases are created equally. Yes, you may pick cheap carry on cases, but don’t be surprised when the wheels stick, the corners become frayed and the zips split after a couple of trips. But today we have a suitcase that is not only high-quality but also smart. Meet Kabuto carry-on luggage. Kabuto is a perfectly engineered smart carry-on with stunning features and magnificent properties for moving around with! This is a real game-changer in the travel industry.Well, this smart carry-on has impressive technologically advanced features like fingerprint sensors and built-in power banks that set fresh standards in the travel sector. Intelligence technology, smart locks, and great storage properties are among a few features we are going to look at in this kabuto smart luggage review. Kabuto is a premium investment that will not only last for years but also is… [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • In-built 10,000mAh Power Bank
  • Expandable Compartments
  • TSA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimension 55 x 35 x 23 cm

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10. Uniquebella’s Cool Carry-on Garment/Duffel Bag

This versatile carry on garment bag is the perfect companion for any regular traveler. The duffel bag is made from durable high-density fabric that is waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight. It can be attached to the top of a rolling suitcase while you make your way around the airport and then detached for boarding your flight. The 2 in 1 duffel bag has very strong zips that will stand the test of time and secure, comfortable straps that you can rely on while you’re on the road. When you open the bag you can lay it out flat to access your clothes and belongings but it can also be hung up and used in this way. Due to the bag’s expert design, it will keep your suits, dresses, and shirts clean and wrinkle-free making this the best carry on garment bag on the market. This is the best suit travel bag for men, but also accommodates all women’s needs as well. The… [Read More]

Features You May Like
  • 45L Capacity
  • Waterproof
  • Separate Shoe Pouch
  • Zipper Buckle


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